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Ronan Murray with Thomas McCabe, fellow Irish Team Member, having won Gold in the 2017 International match against England

Irish International Ronan Murray is one of Ireland's leading Pike Fishing Guides.

A Daiwa Prorex Consultant, Ronan has represented Ireland twice and has won 2 Gold Medals in International matches against England and has been awarded 15 All-Ireland Team Medals over the years.

With over 10 years full-time guiding experience, Ronan can make your dreams come true with a range of options to suit all disciplines.


Whatever your requirements you can be assured that Ronan can tailor a package for you.

A highly experienced 'Big Fish' angler, Ronan has travelled far and wide; catching Catfish, Zander and Carp from the mighty River Ebro whilst trips to Thailand have produced an impressive species list, including; Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Amazon Red Tail, Asian Red Tail, Albino Pacu, Tambaqui, Salween Rita Catfish and Wallagoo Attu.

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